How To: Change your IP or MAC address

Change your IP or MAC address

The video is about how to change the IP address. MAC address is the unique identifier a site of the most network adapters. MAC address is used to determine what IP address the computer will have and one way to change the IP address is by changing the MAC address. The method is only applicable for the windows systems and for the MAC systems you need to look at the link provided. In Windows in the start menu, type cmd in the run/search box, which will launch the command window. Type ipconfig/all, which will give your computer network card, and in that you get the physical address which is listed will be the Mac address and IPv4 address is your computer IP address. Next you need to download a free program called Macmakeup and launch the program. Then by selecting a specific manufacturer, change the MAC address and then go back to the command menu and reset the configuration by typing ipconfig/release and then type ipconfig/renew. Once its renewed you can see a new IP address. Then to change the MAC address in the router, we need to find out the exact IP address and for that, go to browser and type in and take down the IP address that gives you. Then go back to command menu and type the ipconfig/all and then find the IP address of the default gateway which must be typed in the address label of the web browser. And by clicking on enter; it prompts you for a username and a password. If you don't get a password then it could be found in Router Passwords. Once you are in, find the settings for your router and find the MAC address for your router and apply the changes and wait for it to configure the changes. Now go back to What is my IP and check if the IP address is changed. And if it's not changed then probably the modem has the IP address, which can be found out by yourself or you, can be replace your modem through internet service provider.

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