How To: Configure a standard modem/router to the Internet

Configure a standard modem/router to the Internet

Steps to Configure Your Modem/Router are:

1. Open Network connection and click properties

a) A Dialog Box will appear, in that, double click internet protocol (TCP/IP), and another dialog box pops up, in that, set your IP Address-

b) Subnet Mask will be by default.

c) Default Gateway will be ( your modem IP.

d) Click the OK button on both the dialog boxes, once you make sure that all are appropriate and correct.

2. Open your web browser and type on the web toolbar, Press Enter

a) Authentication Password will be asked, the default password will be admin.

b) After typing the username and password, you will be able to view your modem configuration page.

• On the left hand side of the page, under the Home Tab, Click WAN Settings and click on ADD Button (located at the end of the page).

• Check WAN type to PPP (Used for Standard Connection).

• VPI/VCI should be entered as 0/103

• Enter the required Username and Password which you wish to login.

• Enable the, DNS option

• Max Idle Time should be checked as always on.

c) After WAN Settings, Enter into DHCP option, this option is for multiple PC users.

• You can enter the starting and ending IP Address

d) Next, Select DNS Option, this feature is used for further connectivity.

e) After all these steps you can now surf the internet.

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