How To: Easily open your NAT on a ZyXel router

Easily open your NAT on a ZyXel router

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to easily open your NAT on a ZyXel router. There are three steps involved in doing this. Open your web browser and type in the router IP address which is normally Then you will get the log in page. The password is either 1234 or admin. It will be written on the packaging of the router. On the next page click on UPNP, then check all three boxes and click 'apply'. Then you click on NAT and set the start and end port and IP address as explained in the video. Finally you turn off the Firewall. For this click on Firewall > Default Policy, uncheck 'enable firewall' and click 'apply'. That's it!

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I can't enter the page ...

meu router é ZyXel MAX-306HW2, e tem a configuração NAT 3 e quero passar para a configuração NAT 2 ou 1 para a PS4 e não consigo, de que forma podem me ajudar? É Urgente.

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