How To: Establish a Remote Desktop connection in Windows XP

Establish a Remote Desktop connection in Windows XP

This video from Michael presents how to establish a Remote Desktop connection in Windows XP Professional.This type of connection allows you to access your computer via Internet from any place and manage files, local resources, or perform any other remote activity.To establish Remote Desktop connection click Start button, right click My Computer, from the opened menu select Properties. System Properties window will open. Choose Remote tab. Check Remote Desktop - Allow users to remotely connect to this computer option. A window may pop up, saying that you may need passwords to access some accounts and that a certain port (3389)in firewall must be opened.Click Apply and Ok.Now you can access remotely your computer. Click Start button, Programs- accessories-communications-remote desktop connection.Remote Desktop Connection window will appear, enter IP of computer you want to access remotely. You can enter all necessary information (user name, password, local resources access, program startup, interface quality etc.) in Options window. Then click Connect.If another user is using your computer at the moment, he will be logged off.Type in your password and user name if necessary and press Ok.A remote desktop will appear, allowing you to access any data (copy, move, delete) or program on the computer you are remotely connected to. To stop remotely using distant computer click Start button and Disconnect.

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