How To: Hack a wireless or wifi network with DeAuth

Hack a wireless or wifi network with DeAuth

A DeAuth hack attack against a wireless network, as shown in this how-to video, will disconnect any and all users on a given WiFi network. The attacker does not need to know the WEP or WPA key or be connected to the network. For step-by-step instructions on running a DeAuth hack yourself, watch this simple how-to guide.

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I wish they zoomed in on the text they were typing...

be clearer...

they show us that they can hack..

what a stupid..

And of course they are using the best OS in the Wold LINUX

its not stupid kamran bhai just use backtrack u would realize this stupidity...............

let me know when the one click hack a network program is available.... this looks like a heap of work....

you've stolen 2 min 38 sec from my life. Thats frustrating...

if anyone is trying to do this with windows then you just open up command prompt type in ping -t -l 1000 "i.p address" ofcourse without qoutes.. their trying to DoS with 100 packets which will take FOREVER even with 1000 it will take awhile if you really wanna take down a network i suggest using some sort of DoSer like "low orbit ion cannon" which is better then just doing a simple ping... also using your ip to DoS isnt the best idea, im recommending "Free Hide IP" to hide your ip address from your victims.

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