How To: Join a data center for your Mac Mini server

Join a data center for your Mac Mini server

How to Use Your Mac as a Server:

Turn your Mac Mini into a server! Yes, that's right, with a little know-how and a little spunk, you can turn an inexpensive Mac Mini computer into a server to provide services over you network. You won't even need the Mac OS X Server, just the Mac OS X Client, so there is no extra software to buy, just the Mac Mini and it's operating system.

This video tutorial from FreeMacBlog and MacMiniColo will show you how to join and get your computer into a data center for your Mac Mini server. Once your machine is set up and running, you may find that the slow or unreliable connection at home is not enough for you. Power outages, theft or slow upload speeds can be barriers when hosting at home. If you want a more reliable server, you'll probably want to consider a data center to host your machine.

In a data center, you are paying mostly for the space. It can get quite expensive to host a full server. But with the small size of the Mac mini, you can colocate your server for much less. hosts hundreds of Mac minis as servers. In this video, answers for the most common questions asked and walk through the signup process. Hopefully, this will show you hosting in a data center doesn't need to be intimidating or expensive.

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