How To: Make an email server on your home computer

Make an email server on your home computer

Learn how to make an e-mail server on your home computer to host your own web page and webmail service by following the steps outlined in this video tutorial. You will need a web server, an e-mail server, and a webmail interface. For the server, the most common program is WampServer, which you will need to download. Run through the installation process and grant the program access to your fire. Click on the new icon on your desktop and click Put Online and then Start All Services. This will get your web server up and running. Next, download the e-mail server from hMailServer and install it with the defaults. When done launch it and connect it to your database. Click Add Domain and then select Save. Then, go about creating however many e-mail accounts you want to create.

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I have a problem. When I go to Windows/system32/drivers/etc, I can't save domain name in hosts. thats why i found the problem.

Error connecting to IMAP server: tinkermut.local.

0 : phpnetworkgetaddresses: getaddrinfo failed: No such host is known. how can i solve thus problem?

i am trying to make a mail server .............. as a final project .......... plz guide me what should i have to do .................... i dont know from where i start and where it is end .......... help me

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