How To: Manage ESX(i), booting ISO files and more

Manage ESX(i), booting ISO files and more

In this web TV presentation the host is talking about Grub 2. In Grub 2 you can mount an ISO file like a device with the loop back function. In Grub 1 you can use tack tack mem to mount iso files if the files are not fragmented by using the map command. Grub 2 is an application available for download that will be available after download as a chain from Grub 1 to Grub 2 to your operating system. Grub is a program that compresses all of your favorite boot programs into one.

* Download Grub 2.
* Set up your file system like mkfs./.vfat-volume name-/dev/sdb1 (mkfs stands for; make file system)
* Set you root directory like grub-install --no -floppy --root -directory=/mnt/dev/sdb which will go to your USB device.

Your host Darren goes on to suggest more programs that can be used nicely with Grub 2.

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