How To: Remote control a PC

Remote control a PC

Are you the go-to guy/girl whenever your friends and family need tech support? You might want to consider installng LogMeIn - remote desktop software. The Lab Rats, Andy Walker and Sean Carruthers, will show you the benefits of LogmeIn software.

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Not bad guys, but stream line it, and practice it more. Also mention alternatives and pricing; like gotomypc or gotomeeting. With those products the end user doesn't have to create accounts or share passwords. Liked the setting, lighting, sound, and camradery.

Hmm.. Yesterday I setup Microsoft's Remote Desktop 1/3 faster than this video took. And with Remote Desktop, it runs much faster than LogMeInto. Remember LogMeInto goes through a middle man server so its much slower. Remote Desktop doesn't, it connects end to end. Do you guys have a deal with LogMeInto to push them?

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