How To: Secure a Linksys wireless router when running Windows

Secure a Linksys wireless router when running Windows

Ever had router trouble? Got router trouble? Well don,t worry the people over from have made this video to help! More specifically a linksys 802.11g router. All new routers come with a standard Ethernet cable, which must be plugged into one of the four ports on the router and connected to your computer as well. This is necessary to change settings, using Microsoft IE (internet explorer) when the routers IP is typed into the address bar. It is strong recommended to change the default password and SSID as soon as possible. The next task is to connect a device wirelessly to the network, in this case a laptop. In short this video makes it very easy for even a complete novice to set up his or her wireless network.

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Excellent video - very concise and easy to understand. So where can I see the rest of these instructions?

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