How To: Set-up a (dlink DI-524) wi-fi router

Set-up a (dlink DI-524) wi-fi router

First, you will need a surfboard cable modem. You will need a wireless router with an unscrewed antenna and a power cord. Make sure you have two ethernet cord and a computer. First, take the surfboard and screw the cable into it; make sure it is completely tight. Next, take the router and one ethernet cord. Look for the spot that reads WAN; plug the ethernet cable into this spot. Take the other end of the ethernet cable and plug it into the port on the surfboard.

Next, take the other ethernet cord and plug in into the other ethernet port on the router. The other end of this cable will go in the ethernet cord on the computer. Next, plug in the power cord for your surfboard. Make sure the lights come on and allow about 30 seconds for the surfboard to star up. Next, plug in your router. Allow about five minutes for it to start. Your router should now be ready for use.

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