How To: Setup PHP and MySQL for your Mac Mini server

Setup PHP and MySQL for your Mac Mini server

How to Use Your Mac as a Server:

Turn your Mac Mini into a server! Yes, that's right, with a little know-how and a little spunk, you can turn an inexpensive Mac Mini computer into a server to provide services over you network. You won't even need the Mac OS X Server, just the Mac OS X Client, so there is no extra software to buy, just the Mac Mini and it's operating system.

This video tutorial from FreeMacBlog and MacMiniColo will show you how to setup PHP and MySQL on your computer for your Mac Mini server. PHP is one of the most popular programming languages for web development, and MySQL is a popular open source database application. and all the FreeMac sites are powered by PHP and MySQL running on a Mac mini.

Learning PHP and MySQL is a great way to learn web application development, and installing them is easy.

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