How To: Use the Remote Desktop feature within Windows XP

Use the Remote Desktop feature within Windows XP

In this Computers & Programming video tutorial you will learn how to use the Remote Desktop feature within Windows XP. This application will enable you to access your home computer from office using the internet. This application is really very easy and simple to use. You have to ensure 3 things for this to work. Ensure that the computer on which your files reside that you want to access has all the components of XP installed. This is the host. The computer that you want to use to access the host has Windows 95 or later and also has the remote desktop connection client software installed. This is called the client. Both computers should be connected to the internet. Now for the setting up the host, click on start > control panel > performance and maintenance > system > remote > allow users to connect remotely to this computer > OK. You can watch the video for the full instructions.

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